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EqReg2.2 - Equine Registry Software

EqReg2.2 is an extremely cost-effective management application which is distributed to print a pedigree with an image. It was developed with user in mind and it's easy to input data and to create a great looking pedigree. Many horse owners may not need or want to register their horses, but would like a pedigree showing their horse and that is where EqReg2.2 comes to their aid. It's also great for equine identification and the user can print as many copies as may be needed

1.  Download the software and try for 7 days.

2.  If it fits your needs buy and when I receive confirmation of the  order, I will email the installation code to the address provided at the PayPal order screen. It's very important to provide a valid email address.

RemKey has partnered with to promote EqReg2.2. They are providing 3 registrations at half price (a $30.00 value) to registered users of this software.  They ask that you provide the Installation code on the application at  the time of registration.








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